Monday, March 10, 2008

How Can This Be!?!?

So I was at the library this weekend working very hard...
As I was perusing the books on tape (or cd rather) this one little boy had an epiphany:
You mean that I've been doing it the "hard way" all along when I could have done it an easier way?!?!
I was trying my best to mind my manners and not laugh hysterically. The look on his face combined with the use of quotation marks with his fingers and the fact that he was only about 7 or 8 was too much for me...I had to leave.


JM said...

In my fall placement our students were being recorded and led in discussion by a guest speaker. The rules were simple, and they were following them perfectly - staying quiet, not using other students' names, etc...
One student piped up to talk about how he works with others. In the middle of his sentence, instead of using student names, he inserted the word "friends" - complete with air quotes. Too bad that is not caught on a podcast.

debrennersmith said... so cute! It is awesome when they actually listen.