Monday, August 18, 2008

Delicious Library

This year will be my first experience with my very own classroom library. I don't have a lot of books, but I value the ones that I do have. I spent this summer pondering how I was going to set up my library for 'checking out' purposes. I'd like to know which kids have what books and for how long they've had that book, are they checking out different kinds of books or always the same type, are the books just right or too hard, etc. Well lucky me I found just the thing, a library that uses images and works on the computer, Delicious Library. This program is made for a MAC (sorry PC users). There is a program that is supposed to be similar to Delicious Library but for the PC made by MediaMan. I haven't tried this one, but both offer a free download for you to try. (Both cost $40 for a license)

I absolutely love Delicious Library. It's very easy to use and fun too! I plan on having a job titled, "Librarian." This job will go to a student who will use Delicious Library to check in/out books to students. This will allow me to keep track of my books and see what students are reading. Because the program uses images it could be used with students of all ages. Students do not necessarily need to know how to read.

This program also keeps track of other items like games. So if I wanted to I could allow students to check out games as well.

It's very easy to add an item. All you do is put in the ISBN or the title of the book. Delicious Library will look up your item and give you a list of what matches as well as images to go along with the items.

I highly recommend this program. Thanks Delicious Library!!!

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