Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I hate being sick!

I'm sure no one has ever said, "I love getting sick. I get to stay at home, sleep all I want, watch tv, what more could you want?" To be healthy!

I hate being sick.
I become grouchy and impatient.
I never feel hungry, but I know I should eat.
Nothing tastes good.
I feel so lazy and unmotivated. (which is okay when you're healthy and you make a choice to be/feel lazy)
My body is all 'achey' and nothing makes it feel better.
I feel like I'm trapped under water; everything sounds and looks blurry.
My mind is all fuzzy from the cold and the cold medicine.
Sleeping just isn't the same when you're constantly coughing.
Oh, and the coughs
The looks people give you when you go out. I already feel rotten and you're not helping.
Knowing you could be infecting innocent others, especially friends and family.
I hate being sick!


JM said...

...or seeing those you have MOST LIKELY infected feeling miserable when you're finally coming out of the murky, ill-infested waters.

Feel better, and I'll think of you while I'm up coughing in the middle of the night too. (And while we're infecting others tomorrow in class).

holly said...

emergen-c. it works wonders