Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Future of Books

I own about 700 books. These books range from children picture books to how to books, and educational books. I love having a personal library or as I see it, my very own bookstore. Some of the books I've had since childhood, some I bought, some were gifts, and some were freebies.

Now you can purchase ebooks. I think ebooks are great, especially if you're traveling, and some of the children picture ebooks are more interactive than a normal book, but normal books should not be forgotten. I don't think they will, at least I hope not, and if they do I'm sure it won't happen for a long time...right? Just think how quickly technology has changed how we do things. It is standard now that everyone has a cell phone and a tv. Many households have a computer, but not all. How soon will ebooks replace books?

How soon will schools start purchasing etextbooks for students? That could be really helpful-if publishers have minor updates to the text changes could easily be fixed and newer versions shouldn't cost as much, it would cut down on costs (not having to replace the text) and it would reduce paper consumption, but jobs would be lost. Schools could just add an ereader to the supply list. How long do you think it will take, if ever?

What about public libraries, and school libraries? How will they be effected? Already the catalog system has changed over to computers. How many of you remember filtering through cards in drawers to find the library book you wanted? What other things do you think will be effected?

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