Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Delicious Library 2 Update

A while ago I posted about a program, Delicious Library. This program is used to inventory books, movies, software, video games, toys, gadgets, tools and apparel. I absolutely love this program (for Macs only). It's very easy to use and uses graphics to help you identify your property. If you loan something out to a friend you simply create a profile for your friend, then click and drag the item they are borrowing to their name. You can publish your list to a website or export your library to an excel document. This can also be helpful if you loose some of these items in a move/flood/fire/theft.

Using this program in the classroom is ideal because it allows you to see which students have what books, how much that book costs (if lost), a description of the book along with other books you may like, and uses pictures, titles, creators to identify the book.

I made a friend titled 'Classroom' so that I knew which items I brought with me and should take home at the end of the year. If I lent out supplies to a fellow teacher I could simply add them as a friend so that I know where my materials are going (as any teacher can tell you this can be really helpful). My computer now has a camera so it's really easy to add new items by simply scanning the barcode. No camera? Type in the ISBN, or title. Can't find the item you're trying to add, simply add a blank book/movie/etc. and add your own details. Don't like the picture assigned to the object, simply search the web for the one you want, drag and drop the new image over the old, and done. My students loved using this application. It allowed them time to use technology, practice typing, problem solve, and be responsible. Even my low level readers could use this program because of the graphics.

Delicious Library is currently on sale for $30. So if you weren't sure about buying it before definitely check it out now!

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